Originals Strain: Walter White

Genetic Heritage - Krome's 'The White' cut x Breeding Auto WC1
Seed Type: F6 Feminised Automatic


Project introduction and Overview:


Many moons ago, we first caught a glimpse of Krome's fantastic strain 'The White.' We'd never seen plants covered in trichomes like it. One test grow of the cut, and from that moment we knew we had to develop an auto version! After acquiring the cutting we crossed her to a sativa leaning breeding auto and set about making our white dreams come true. Highest quality, lovely aroma and high, one of the best all round autos we've ever made or grown. Walter is frequently used as a parent for our hybrid strains as she always crosses wonderfully jazzing up everything she touches, including our beautiful Artisanal Fugue State and Limited Editions Grapey Walter, White Crack and White Chem.


Strain behavior and structure:


Walter White is a character; she can start growing a little slowly and oddly during the first 10 days, but after week 2 from sprout she normalises and goes hell for leather with lots of vigour. She’s a hybrid sitting in the middle of the indica/sativa spectrum. Walter White will grow tall and wide if allowed with decent levels of stretch and multiple main colas. Walter is a versatile strain, and will lend itself to many styles of growing and handle various training techniques without a problem. She takes a little longer to really put on heavy flower mass, and finishing times are at the longer end of the catalogue, but the results are totally worth the wait. She ticks all the boxes for flower density/bag appeal and is supremely photogenic. A sight for sore eyes. The smoke is yummy, a unique creamy citrus to hazey taste, the effect is an active one where you can concentrate on tasks and remain functional despite being thoroughly high. She performs well in all scenarios, indoor or outdoor, balcony, deck or greenhouse.


Strain figures and info:


Size - 90 to 120cm
Structure - Tall & wide
Indica/Sativa - 40/60
Cycle Time - 70 to 80 days from sprout
Yield - 120 to 150 grams
Aroma & Flavour - Citrus, lemon, hazey
Effect - Very powerful, heady & creative
Medicinal Benefits - Mood enhancer, appetite stimulation
Cannabinoids - 19.7% THC

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